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Revolution Bar

Coney Street, York, YO19 9NA, United Kingdom | 01904 676054 | Website


Revolution, Coney Street, York


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The venue is off a main road and is by the river, meaning parking is not easy. Once inside the venue, the flooring is all level. A lift provides access to the first floor and a disabled toilet is provided on the ground floor. Some tables are at a comfortable height for a wheelchair. Staff said they often move tables and chairs to accommodate the needs of the individual customer. During the day staff will come to the tables to serve. However during busy times customers are required to order at the bar which is rather high and can get very busy.

Transport & Parking


There is no parking around the venue as it is on the rivers edge and is off a main road.



The door into the venue is wide, however it does not have a power button so it must be opened manually. The area around the venue is a smooth surface but is quite slanted.



A disabled toilet is provided on the ground floor. The toilet and lift are situated next to the bar. During busy times this could mean access to these facilities are blocked by people queuing to be served at the bar.



The staff members I spoke to were very friendly and talked me through the different ways the staff at revolution help anyone who comes to the venue in a wheelchair or needing assistance. They all seemed more than willing to help disabled customers in any way they could, to make their experience at the venue positive.

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When I went in the evening, the music in the venue was very loud and made it difficult to communicate with friends and bar staff. The menu print is quite small and there is no other alternative menu for people who may need larger writing or braille.

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