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RHS Garden Harlow Carr

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Love Harlow Carr but since I lost my mobility only ever been with my electric wheelchair so not able to access the steeper parts across the beck. Went with my Mayan scooter this time so could go anywhere. Leaving the entrance building into the garden was a little tight but ok, it's out of a door with limited space to do a 90° turn because of a wall. TBH a wheelchair or smaller sized scooter will be fine. Larger scooters not so easy. Coming back through I couldn't get a straight enough start at the single doorway and had to do a fair bit of shunting back and forth to get in. Wasn't helped by the fact it seems to be the only door in use now and I realised how little patience many people have and how freely they seem to think they can voice their opinions on who shouldn't be allowed to access the gardens! That asside, the access is great around the garden but there are some steep slopes, some are quite uneven and the grassy inclines would be challenging. Toilet facilities are good as is parking.

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