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Royal Lyceum Theatre, Grindlay Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9AX, United Kingdom | 0131 248 4800 | Website
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A lovely theatre with good access


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This was my first visit to the Lyceum and I wasn’t disappointed it’s a lovely theatre with good access. Accessible seats are at the rear of the stalls but it’s not a huge theatre so you are still close enough to enjoy all the action. Booking accessible seats was easy via the box office and with the free personal assistance ticket it was fantastic value for money. I use a fairly large power wheelchair and had no problems with access.

Transport & Parking


We travelled by rail to Haymarket and then a 15min walk to the Theatre. Be sure to cross onto the left hand side of Morrison Street as the drop down kerbs are a bit dodgy further up on the right hand side. I did spot blue badge parking spaces directly opposite the entrance.



Level access into the theatre and the accessible toilets on the ground floor. The lift which takes you up to the stalls level was big enough to take myself in a large powerchair and four other adults at a squeeze. Once out of the lift it’s a short distance to the accessible seating area in the stalls. There is quite a gradient going in which was fine for myself in a power chair but with the carpeted floor it would be more of a challenge for an unassisted manual chair user. The accessible seating area is level which means as long as you are in the front row your view is good but if you were in the row behind and had someone in front in a large chair (Like myself) then your view would be quite restricted. I’d advise when booking to make sure you were in the front row. Also, the view even in the front row is slightly restricted by the overhang of the balcony above. There was quite a bit of projection being shown above the stage at the show we attended (Local Hero) and I couldn’t quite see it all. The seats for anyone not in a wheelchair are just standard chairs so can be moved about which is handy for accommodating different sizes of wheelchairs. (Not the most comfy if it’s a long performance)



There are two accessible toilets on the ground floor. I didn’t see one in the stalls area. The one I used on the ground floor directly opposite the lift was very spacious. It included a changing area for babies which often cuts the space but not in this instance I could manoeuvre my large chair around with ease. Transfers onto the toilet would be either front on of from the left out of your wheelchair. All the usual grab rails you would expect.



All staff that I had any dealings with were fantastic always offering to help in any way they could.

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If you are not in a wheelchair and walking with sticks for example be very carful when you first enter the theatre as there is a large semi circular marble step just inside the door. We were early for our performance and sat in the foyer for 15 mins before the auditorium opened, in that short time we witnessed four people trip or fall over this step. I think people have their eyes up looking for signs where to go and just don’t see the step. There is an Italian restaurant attached to the Theatre called Zucca. It can be accessed from the street or the top level entrance which is just outside the stalls and opposite the lift so very handy. Space inside was good and I could get my large chair under the table without any problems. Staff and food were both very good. There is no wheelchair accessible toilet within the restaurant so you have to use the ones in the theatre.

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