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Red cords and improvement works


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Walking Aid, Wheelchair


There were many areas that were non accessible due to various broken lifts. Whilst there went to various toilets and found several which needed their red cords red carded.

Transport & Parking


Accessibility on the tube in the area leaves a lot to be desired and there are limited bus services in the area.



Various lifts were out of order although I was prewarned of this on arrival. I think I also came across another that was broke. Most of the materials are at eye level whilst using a wheelchair and the maps are easy to read. Some of the lifts are a bit small and sometimes bit of a challenge with the amount of pushchairs out and about. The toilets would have benefited from being better signposted.



I went in 4 of the toilets in the museum in the end, in the hope of finding a good one ! Found two with red cords stored incorrectly and two that weren't big enough to turn a chair or even make an attempt to. Doors also spring loaded in some cases making it harder to reverse out. The toilets themselves cleanliness wise were average but then that's to be slightly expected when doubling up as a baby change I guess.



Didn't really have much interaction with the staff but the reception desk seemed friendly enough and anyone I asked for directions was helpful enough.

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Go to the toilet before you go there if you are after a spacious facility that's clean. If there's anything specific you want to see, check before travel to make sure the lifts are actually in use.

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