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Sheraton Grand Hotel and Spa

1 Festival Square, Edinburgh, EH3 9SR, United Kingdom | 0131 2299131 | Website

a spa day at the sheraton is a splendid way to start a staycation



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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Hearing Aid, Wheelchair


A mostly accessible spa of the highest quality. As the the day was going to be already more expensive for me than for my non-disabled companion (there is no reduction for assistants), we decided to eek it out as much as possible! While we relaxed our way into the holiday day out with a breakfast of deliciously, unhealthy croissants and milky coffees, we hummed and hawed over the delicious lunch menu, so we could reserve a table for lunch. And then I booked us in. They showed me to the disabled changing room, and then we met at the rooftop outdoor giant jacuzzi . Unfortunately there isn't a hoist into this pool which makes it fairly tricky for those of us who find it difficult to.get in and out of. However I'm thrawn and struggled from chair to stairs and then slid down. And boy was it worth it! The racks for lying on, mean you have warm water bubbling over you, and even when the sun hid behind a cloud, it was a magical experience. We didn't bother with the main swimming pool - even though it does have a hoist, because we wanted to try the whole spa before lunch. My wheelchair, had I thought about bringing a spare cushion, meant that I couldn't access the tropical rain shower or the very hot essential oil spa as my chair was too wide to fit past the posts and I couldn't see in the dimmed atmosphere. However, I enjoyed the hamman, other dry saunas, steam rooms and once I'd been in all the rooms I could join in, I lay back on the warm tiled beds and had 40 winks before lunch . After a delicious fresh healthy lunch of bento boxes, we repeated the routine of the morning before going home.

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Buses, taxis and car all easy access.



Signage was clear and Braille in lifts. Wide corridors and good space between tables. Some tables in the spa restaurant were high enough to get a wheelchair under them. Tables can be reserved. The spa can be very busy at the weekend with hen nights. There was no sign for a loop. I wasn't aware of large print menus. The higher lockers are Inaccessible if you are unable to stand.



All spa patrons are given the loan of towelling dressing gowns and flip flops. There are different sized gowns and towelling slippers if flip flops won't stay on your feet. They will give disabled visitors as many towels as they need and extra ones or fresh gowns for lunch time. I needed to ask for body lotion as there wasn't any automatically in the changing room. There weren't special bins for pads or catheter or stoma bags. I recommend that you wear your swimming costume under your clothes to make it easier and quicker to change when you arrive. (Just remember your underwear!!) The disabled changing room was fine as there was only one disabled patron, but had I had to share it with a friend or someone else, I might have had to sit in cold wet togs for a long time or I might have got very tired waiting in the spa until they were ready. There is no changing table or hoist, but there are drop down hand rails next to the toilet and shower and grab rails by the sink and shower too. There is a drop down shower seat without arms. The floor got quite wet and slippery as the shower drained slower and the slope of the floor was marginal compared to mine. However they said they would look into the issue. There are lockers which need a four figure code Which you need to remember.



Staff are very helpful and their service was faultless.

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It would be great if they could put a hoist into the spa bubble pool.

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