Top tips for an accessible venue

When thinking about creating an enjoyable visit for disabled visitors consider our top tips:


  1. Don't forget to tell people what facilities you have for disabled people either on your website or in your leaflets
  2. If you have a portable ramp to help disabled visitors put a sign saying 'ramp available' by the entrance
  3. If you haven't, consider disability equality training for your staff team to help them in providing services for visitors
  4. Think about providing information for visitors in alternative formats such as large print or electronic formats
  5. If you take bookings or sell tickets review what arrangements are in place to make it easy for disabled visitors to make a purchase
  6. Tell people about any special arrangements you have made for disabled visitors to park at or near to your venue
  7. Where you have invested in an accessible toilet it's good to let potential visitors know that you have these facilities
  8. If you provide refreshments or dining facilities think about how easy it is for a wheelchair user to sit at a table with their friends
  9. Where you have a reception or information desk consider having a section that is accessible for wheelchair users who may be visiting your venue
  10. If you provide accommodation that has accessible features such as wheelchair access, a wet room or hoist make sure you tell people
  11. Welcome feedback! Ask your visitors what they think and you'll be often be surprised by the small adjustments disabled people may suggest that make an enormous difference