Tramway, Glasgow

25 Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE, United Kingdom | 0141 276 0950 | Website
Disabled Access Day - 2017

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Venue Description

“An industrial cathedral that connects art with humanity…It’s real, it speaks of the city’s history, it speaks of Glasgow” - Peter Brook Tramway is Scotland’s internationally acclaimed venue for contemporary visual and performing art. This reputation is founded upon our commitment to the presentation of the most innovative work by Scottish and international artists. The very distinctive architecture, character and history of the venue itself have ensured that Tramway is a unique place to produce and experience the best in contemporary art. A hugely versatile and flexible space, our vision is to inspire and add to our understanding of today’s world by connecting audiences and artists. Tramway is a space where you are welcomed to witness, engage, experience, participate, to be challenged and to learn. Tramway consists of two theatre spaces, two visual arts exhibitions spaces, upstairs participation studio, upper foyer exhibition space, and Café Bar.

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