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54 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2LR, United Kingdom | 0131 220 4348 | Website
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The Assembly Rooms is a great venue for accessibility. Disabled parking is very near on George Street and is free. Food and drinks are all available right outside the venue and are easily accessible. Inside the Assembly Rooms there are no steps to manoeuvre on the ground floor and there is a good sized lift to take you to the upper floors. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful. They formed a separate queue for the few people who were requiring easier access, which was a good idea and they let this queue in to choose their seats before the other people were ushered in. However, unfortunately we had to wait about 20 mins before they were allowed to open the door - for people in a wheelchair, this was not a problem, but there was only one seat close by, so some people were standing with walking sticks and looked quite uncomfortable with the long wait. This was not the fault of the staff as they must wait for the word from the performers that the sound check is complete before anyone is allowed in. This was the only hitch in a lovely evening. Would definitely be happy to visit this venue again.

Transport & Parking


disabled parking very close on George Street



Easy to access and for the upper rooms, a good sized lift is available. Excellent provision of letting disabled people in before the main crowd, but can be a long wait in the queue. Also very busy and crowded in the foyer. Very few seats available in the foyer.



Very good disabled toilet facilities.



Helpful and friendly

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