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Antisemitism: a (((musical)))

Antisemitism: a (((musical))) article image

An outrageous show about a wandering Jew on British soil. A tale of old hate, new guilt, shifting privilege and unconscious BS. You’ll either love it — or you’re antisemitic ;)

Antisemitism is the story of an Israeli Jew’s first 24 hours on British soil. Arriving in pursuit of a calm life, our unsuspecting hero is thrown into a wild journey full of absurd characters — his bickering aunts in Finchley, a drunken lord and a couple of kidnappers who think they’ve captured Uri Geller for ransom. 

Will he learn a deep lesson about identity, power and privilege? 
Will he find the meaning of Jewishness? 
Will he unpack the mysteries of British subtext and euphemism? 
Will everyone just leave him alone? 

The performance on 24 Oct will be BSL interpreted by Sumayya Si-Tayeb.

Access tickets £10. Access companions go free.
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