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My Dear Aunty Nell

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Tommy invites you to join them for a family meal as they recreate the Sunday’s they spent around Aunt Nell’s as Nell shared memories and gossip over a roast dinner.

This show explores how LGBTQ+ History is recorded by local gossip & hearsay, is a love letter to memories and asks how can you grieve for someone who isn’t dead? Made in collaboration with members from the LGBTQ+ charity, Opening Doors, a charity that provides support to those in the LGBTQ+ community over the age of 50. 

Each show has a running time of 50 minutes and has a 30 minute Q&A after each performance where Tommy invites a guest from the LGBTQ+ community to join them for dinner to decompress and discuss the themes that are raised during the performance.

Relaxed and captioned event.
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