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Anything That Gives Off Light (British Sign Language)

Anything That Gives Off Light (British Sign Language) article image

Every light casts a shadow; every fire ends in dust.

After years of living in London, a Scottish man catches the sleeper north carrying his granny’s ashes, trying not to think of this trip as a homecoming.

In a pub in Edinburgh, an American woman drinks alone, trying to remember who she is while forgetting where she came from.

When their paths collide, they set off on a tour of the Highlands, slipping through the cracks between present and past, waking and dreaming, the real and the imagined.

But as they shed the layers of their national identities, the ghosts of dead philosophers, crofters, cowboys, myth-makers and soothsayers get ever closer.

Anything That Gives Off Light is a new co-production from Brooklyn-based ensemble The TEAM and the National Theatre of Scotland.

This performance will integrate the interpreter Catherine King – who will be in costume and onstage alongside the performers – to offer audiences a BSL experience of the highest standard.

This performance of Anything That Gives Off Light is part of the Edinburgh International Festival programme - http://www.eif.co.uk

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