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Edinburgh International Conference Centre

The Exchange, Edinburgh, EH3 8EE, United Kingdom | 0131 300 3000 | Website

Dead Ringers at the Fringe


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An absolutely great show by masters of their craft. All held in a large well appoined venue. It was all wheelchair accessible, well spaced out, great signage, lifts to all floors and disablet toilets at all levels. Assisted by great staff.

Transport & Parking


I used my scooter to get from the town centre. There are nearby carparks, busses and taxis and a huge amount of useful information about getting there on their won website.



It was easy to get in through the automatic door. The security staff waved me through to a conceirge . I asked her where the toilets were and she led the way through the large foyer and enusred someone else would be able to lead me to my seat. The toiets were good and I was then lead through wide smooth corridors into a large lift up to the spacious area for scooters and wheelchairs. The signage to bathrooms, bars and lfits was very clear.



All adequate and good that there were disabled toilets on every level. The one I used I added a red cord card. All the expected grab rails and clean.



Lead from the entrance to my seat of which I was given options, by efficient and polite staff. I didn't see any after the show but it was easy to find the way out by following the flow of people.

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The best show of my day at the Fringe. I may go again next week!


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