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Edinburgh International Conference Centre

The Exchange, Edinburgh, EH3 8EE, United Kingdom | 0131 300 3000 | Website


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Visit for Covid Vaccine!



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I visited the EICC this month for my first vaccine against the coronavirus. I obviously only visited a small area of the building and did not use a bathroom but I wanted to share this review incase it could help someone else going for the same reason. I also want to apologise for not having any images as we weren't allowed to take photographs in or around the centre.

Transport & Parking


I am unsure about the nearest bus stop to EICC. I was dropped off by a family member in a car (Blue badge holders can park on single yellow lines, drop off where it is accessible.) From the drop off point it was around 10 metres roll to the main entrance. Signage to the centre and entrance was quite poor. I was expecting signs around the streets that told me this is where the vaccination centre was but you could only see NHS banners on the front entrances.



The main entrance is level and the doors are automatic. The main foyer which I visited was very spacious and well it. There is a lift near the front but I did not use this.



I did not visit the loos on this occassion, and I am unsure if they are open during the pandemic. Also unsure about nearest Changing Places.



Very helpful in guiding me and telling me what the process is, thank you EICC & NHS!

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To get the Covid jag I was asked to go into the building as close to my appointment time as possible. On a cold or rainy day I would definetely suggest wrapping up incase you have to queue. When inside you are asked to sanitise your hands then follow the stickers down a slight ramp to the desk where nurses are taking details. Everything is set out in a one-way system fashion & everyone was wearing masks. Against a wall on the left hand side there are four or 5 chairs (spaced apart) which you can sit on while waiting for a nurse to call you forward. Behind the desk there are 3 booths which are used for injections. I was told that there are more booths downstairs but as a wheelchair user I was allowed into a more accessible booth. There is a lift available but I imagine they want to keep that as empty as they can throughout the day. After my injection I was led back up the ramp and asked to sanitise before leaving the building. It was an overwhelming experience in terms of why I was there but the assistance, and in terms of disabled access, was very relaxing and ran smoothly.

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