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History and Legacy with a side of laughter


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Our tour guide Laura was lovely, she had been out the night before scouting the location and making sure that all the places she wanted to show us were accessible. She was friendly, funny and easy to chat to. She made sure that everyone in the group was comfortable with the pace and volume of the tour and ensured that we were all enjoying ourselves. I would recommend this tour wholeheartedly.

Transport & Parking


We parked in Chamber street as we were not aware of any closer blue badge spaces, this was only a 10 minute walk/roll to the meeting place. The meeting point is also within 5 minutes walk of lots of the LRT bus routes.



Our tour guide ensured that the wheelchairs could get near everything she was talking about and adjusted where we went based on the ability of all 3 disabled people in our group.



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Laura was kind, friendly and very easy to chat to. She made sure that we all felt comfortable, could hear ok and that she avoided the cobbles after our two wheelchair users mentioned that cobbles are not the best for their chairs.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

I was very impressed with our tour, I have been on many of the tours before and was certain that none of them would be accessible. However our tour guide went out of her way to ensure it was accessible, interesting and fun!


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