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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair


The museum was very accessible for wheelchair users, given that the exhibits are trains. The Train Ambulance exhibition was fantastic, we used a wheelchair (borrowed form the Museum) for the visit and were able to get up onto the 'platform' using the exhibits lift. On display was also a Rocket from Japan, again the Museum had built a ramp to allow wheelchair access and the entrance to the train was wide enough to take the wheelchair onto it. The display stands are also well designed, as the wheelchair was able to tuck under it, enabling the user to get close to the sign. We also booked in for Afternoon Tea on the Countess of York and that too was accessible with a lift and a ramp onto the carriage. Staff were very attentive and helpful. All in all a fabulous day out.

Transport & Parking


The Museum has a separate car park for Blue Badge Holders which is closer to the Museum than the none-badge holder car park. We did not have a Blue Badge but there is a 'drop off' point right outside the main entrance where it was safe to disembark our car and not have to rush. There is also a bus stop right outside the main entrance.



Signage is good. There lifts are adequate to fit either a non-mechanical and a power chair plus 1 other standing person. That goes for the 'temporary' lifts for each of the areas described above. The floor was reasonably level and pushing the wheelchair was not effortful. We called ahead of our visit to book a wheelchair, the ones they had were manual self-propelling and very comfortable, clean and well maintained.



There were a couple of accessible loos. The space was big enough to accommodate a power chair.



Everyone was friendly and helpful. The Hostess in the Duchess of York (refurbished carriage that is now used for dinning) was attentive and thoughtful.

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Also on our trip was someone with a visual impairment and she had no trouble navigating around the space and was able to read the displays without any problems as she was able to get close to the signs and they were at a good sighted (about the eye-line level of someone who is about 5 and a half foot tall.


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