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Another fringe show, another faulty platform lift!!


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Once in the building, you are best to get shown the way by staff as it is a bit of a maze going through doors that look like it is taking you to disabled toilets but there was a lift to take you up to the theatre which for my show was on level 5. There are accessible toilets on levels 4 & 5. Entrance to the building for the purposes of the lift is level 2.

Transport & Parking


There is on street parking but will be quite difficult to find a space during the festival. There was a good bus service that passes frequently.



Wheelchairs enter the building by going to the left of the main entrance, which is up a few steps. Where they will find a platform lift. This is almost impossible to use by yourself as the control to bring it down is a good arms length away then you have to be able to open the door at the same time.



The accessible toilet was adequate with enough room for a powered wheelchair but not much room for manoeuvring.



When I eventually got hold of the staff they were very helpful.

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When we arrived we had plenty time and I went to the toilet. Seemingly the staff came for me to take us in. When I came out we had to wait at the side til someone came to get us an show us to our seat. We felt like we were just an inconvenience to them. In coming out the venue, the platform lift wouldn't work so we were taken through the building and out by what only could be described as the "tradesman entrance" round the back, although the staff were helpful and apologetic.

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