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A fantastic warm and freindly venue



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Even though this is a Victorian Building it has been given a lot of attention where it comes to access. There are ramps and lifts to facilitate access to almost anywhere in the building to the bars, restauraunts and the auditorium in general for all types of mobility issues. If you can make a couple of steps out of your wheelchair you can sit in the main stalls and they will help you from your seat to your wheelchair, The staff are all great, there are plenty of them to assist you and this is my favorite place to go to a concert.

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The building has had a huge amount of renovations done to facilitate aceess from ramps to lifts and there is plenty of signs to show how to get there. You can to anywhere in the building step free. If you can make two small steps you can even sit in the back of the stalls and they will help you to and from your seat.



The toilets are very spacious to allow for a wheelchair to get in and still hacve enough space to do everything you need to do. The alarm cable is in easy reach and there are plenty of them around the building.



All the staff are great. There are plenty of staff who are all clearly made out by their distinctive uniforms. Also they are only too happy to help you out.

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Lovely venue and shows what can be done even in an old building when done with some thought. I prefer this over to any "modern" venue that I have been to.

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