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Relaxed Opening of Jason and the Adventure of 254

Relaxed Opening of Jason and the Adventure of 254 article image
Sensory Friendly

If you need additional support to enjoy the exhibition ‘Jason and the Adventure of 254’, join us for a friendly Relaxed Opening. We want you to feel comfortable to be yourself and experience the exhibition in a way that is right for you.  

To help you prepare for your visit you can use the Visual Story.

You will find:

extra staff available to help you 
fewer people in the exhibition 
sensory-support equipment (including ear defenders, tinted glasses and visors, stim toys and weighted lap pads) 
comfortable cushions and mats if you need to sit or lie down in the exhibition  
a chill-out space.  

If you need a space away from the exhibition at any time, you can come to our Chill-Out Room. In this room, there will be low lighting, comfortable seating, cushions, mats and space to move around and be yourself. You can also make use of ear defenders, earplugs, board games, stim toys and materials with different textures. 

This Relaxed Opening will be taking place during our regular opening hours, and the rest of the building will be open and in use. 

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