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Relaxed Opening of The Cult of Beauty

Relaxed Opening of The Cult of Beauty article image
Sensory Friendly

Join us for a calm and friendly Relaxed Opening of our ‘The Cult of Beauty’ exhibition. The gallery will be less busy than usual. It will be quieter and the lighting will be more even.

We will also provide sensory equipment, including:

ear defenders
tinted glasses
tinted visors
weighted lap pads.
You can come to our Chill-Out Room to lie down or relax. There will be low lighting, comfortable seating, cushions and mats throughout the room. Make use of ear defenders, earplugs, board games and materials with different textures.

This is our final Relaxed Opening for The Cult of Beauty exhbition and will be after our regular hours, and the rest of the building will be closed.

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