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The Beauty Sensorium Workshops

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Audio Described

Travel back in time to look, feel and smell the tree gum, rose, musk and other natural ingredients used in the cosmetic recipes of Renaissance Italy. Join artist duo Baum & Leahy for an immersive tour of their collaborative multisensory installation ‘Beauty Sensorium’, which features in ‘The Cult of Beauty’ exhibition.

You will then head up to our Studio for a short presentation and video. This will be followed by a relaxed time-travelling meditation to engage your imagination.

Taking inspiration from the installation, which includes five types of ‘Renaissance Goo’, you will then have the chance to recreate your own scented goos in a hands-on workshop.

We’ll be meeting in the Atrium on Level 0.

Please note that none of the recipes we’ll be making are vegan, as they contain beeswax and eggs.

​​We have staff trained in audio description (AD) who will provide dedicated support during the event. Alongside this, we can arrange AD tours of the event spaces in advance of the event. If you require audio description, please book a space. This is so we can make sure we have enough staff to provide the right support for you.

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