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Zine Club

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Sensory Friendly

Come along to an informal zine-making workshop inspired by the themes of health, wellbeing and the human condition. You’ll have a chance to make your own zine inspired by the exhibits, books and objects on display in the Reading Room. All zine-making materials will be provided.

This workshop is suitable for everyone, regardless of zine-making experience.

Zines are DIY publications, often self-published, in which zine makers share their personal experiences, feelings and ideas.

If you need a space away from the event at any time, you can come to our Chill-Out Room. There will be low lighting, comfortable seating, cushions, mats and space to move around and be yourself. You can also make use of ear defenders, earplugs, board games, stim toys and materials with different textures.

This is a Relaxed Event.

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