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Zine-Making Workshop for Beginners

Zine-Making Workshop for Beginners article image

Take part in a workshop exploring the different forms zines can take, including experimenting with creative folding and binding.  

Through talking, making and personal exploration, we’ll find out how form can be used to reflect and expand content.  

Working in small groups, you can try out folding and binding techniques like: 

creating an “instant zine” from a single sheet of paper, 
folding an “accordion zine”, 
making an interactive “flexagon zine”. 
There’ll also be a chance to discover more about our Zine Collection, and how to use it to share important stories and inspire your own work.  

By the end of the session, you will have created a unique zine to take away.  

The workshop will be facilitated by library assistants Becks Bryant and Katie Hanlon, who work closely with the Zine Collection. 

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