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The Horse Hospital is London’s longest running, truly independent arts venue providing a unique and distinctive artist-led environment for the related media of art, film, fashion, literature and music. As the only independent arts venue of its type in the UK, in operation since 1993, it sees as its duty to aim for the broadest possible access to the arts across a broad range of artistic activity and practice and an opportunity to encourage risk, innovation and experimentation. Through its programme, it seeks to actively support the creation of counter-narratives and the sustenance of 'invisible' underground culture. The Horse Hospital celebrates irreverence, individualism, anti-conformism, sincerity and integrity and champions the outsider and the unfashionable. It rejects professionalism, strategy, power, selling out, the market and the homogenisation it breeds furiously while embracing instead the DIY, the independent, the difficult, the intuitive, the romantic and the life affirming.


1 step access from the Main Entrance. Doors: Wide Single; Door opening – Inward. A large ramp leads to the gallery space. However, the ramp is made of cobble stones.

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