Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station

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Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station

Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1BB, United Kingdom


Sightseer - Chapter 5

All Change at Waverley



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Waverley Station is trying hard to be accessible but has fallen into what feels like the habit of changing things around all too frequently.

Transport & Parking


Accessible parking is available in the main car park. This does require you to use two lifts to get to the ticket office and main area. There is no longer vehicle access to the main station area for cars or taxis. A new accessible drop off point, and presumably pick up has been created off Carlton Road. You pull into a turning circle area to drop off. A lift takes you to the bridge and a second down on to platform level. When booking assisted travel staff can meet you at the accessible drop off point.



It's not as good as it used to be as taxis were able to take you into the main booking office and platform area. The compromise works but may be too difficult for some disabled people.



There is an accessible toilet just before the barriers to the main toilet area. It is opened by a staff member or can be opened with a RADAR key. It's clean and fairly spacious although it does require a tight ninety degree turn to access the door.



Staff, as always, are particularly helpful.

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A button or intercom to call for assistance when arriving at the new accessible drop off point would be a good idea. Also some signage to indicate that the area is actually the accessible drop off area would be helpful as you can't be sure you're in the right place otherwise.


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Just some updates to this review to bring us up to date. There is now signage at the drop off area and there is a Help Point call button. There is meant to be a text number there also for passengers who need this for hearing or speech reasons, and a shelter was put in too. Lift is still confusing as it says "platform level" to describe the car park and "bridge level" to describe being inside the station, but it's improved since this picture was taken.

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