Are you ready to list your venue on Euan's Guide? That's great - we look forward to seeing your listing on the site! List now or read on to find out what's involved...

List your venue on Euans Guide

Who can list?

We call businesses, attractions and services listed on Euan's Guide 'venues'. Venues are any place open to the public, so that could be a shop, cafe, airport, library, museum, beach, festival, university or anywhere else! If you represent a venue, you can register with Euan's Guide and fill in details about how accessible your space is to the public. 

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How do I list?

It's easy! Log in to Euan's Guide, click the 'List Venue' button either on this page or the homepage, and then follow the steps on screen. Don't forget, you'll need to have some photos of your venue ready to upload. If you have more than one venue to list, just keep on adding them! For more details on how to list, check out our guide.

List your venue on Euans Guide

Why should I list?

'Since learning about Euan's Guide, I have registered all of our properties and have seen an increase in visitors and customers that have come after seeing us online.' Business Development Manager for rural Scottish hotels.

Listing on Euan's Guide is different from listing on other review websites. We've been asked by some venues 'why should I list?', so we put together a few good reasons!

It's free

We don’t charge to list your venue, and we don’t charge users to read about you. You’ll even receive exclusive content and useful tips in your inbox each month with our venue newsletter!

It’s quick

Listing a venue doesn’t take long, all you have to do is fill in the blanks. You’ll have your disabled access information live on the site in no time!

Advertise your accessibility

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Spread the word about how accessible your venue is! If customers can easily find information about your disabled access, they can come prepared and confident that they will be able to access your venue. 

Attract new customers

There are around 12 million disabled people currently living in the UK. Listing on Euan’s Guide will help you to attract a large number of new customers or visitors to your venue who might not have realised you were accessible.

Get recommended!

Not only are reviews good for useful feedback about your disabled access, but they also act as great endorsements for your venue!

Any questions?

If you have any questions about submitting a venue or about Euan’s Guide, please email us at or call us on 0131 510 5106. You can also check out our frequently asked questions if you’re short on time!

Don’t forget to check out our Resources and Top Tips for venues!

List your venue on Euans Guide